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NoClassDefFoundError: org/ apache/ axis2/ client/ Stub. Above error can be removed by adding axis2- kernel- 1. 2 to the class path, but you might start getting other errors after you have. The above axis module is defined in JBoss models as explained in the links ClassDefFoundError is thrown if the Java Virtual Machine or a ClassLoader instance tries to load in the. This exception probably means that an instance has to be created by reflection, but the corresponding class is not in the execution classpath. Check your execution classpath. It is also possible that the creation of the new instance depends on some configuration that is wrong or. I am using Axis 1. 4 and issing Java2WSDL command from DOS promt. I have the classpath set and have all teh relevant Axis jar files ( including Commons. set and have all teh relevant Axis jar files ( including Commons logging) in that class path.

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    Java error noclassdeffounderror

    Exception in thread " main" java. PortalStatisticsTransactionDelegateProxy] : Constructor threw exception; nested exception is java. NoClassDefFoundError: org. AxisClient ( initialization failure) at org. Had the same issue then I appended my CLASSPATH ( my classpath also target all the axis jars) with '. ' the current directory. Then this worked out: " % javabin% \ java. exe" - cp % CLASSPATH%. NoClassDefFoundError This exception indicates that the JVM looked in its internal class definition data structure. I have found that sometimes I get a NoClassDefFound error when code is compiled with an incompatible version of the.

    The specific instance I recall is with the apache axis library. Some clarifications: NoClassDefFoundError! = ClassNotFoundException; NoClassDefFoundError usually means that the JVM once tried to instantiate that class but failed on doing it. So, some tips: Look for the first exception with that class. Did you make sure that all of these lib' s outlined on your path are ACTUALLY where you are saying that they are? As far as I can tell, it' s complaining that it can' t find the ServiceException class which lives in the jaxrpc jar - so. NoClassDefFoundError: javax. Definition at org. JavaGeneratorFactory. class$ ( JavaGeneratorFactory. java: 163) at org.

    Solved this issue: in webContent/ WEB- INF/ lib add xmlschema- core- 2. jar ; then, ensure it is added in Web App Libraries on your build path; finally close and reopen eclipse before generating web service client.