How to fix runtime error 52 bad file name

Maybe it should be something like ThisWorkbook. Path & " \ ml\ testdirectory\ *. csv" providing ml is in a subfolder in the same folder that your workbook is in. i am getting error " Run time error ' 52' : Bad file name or number" when i use this code to open a text file that is. I saw the same problem posted elswhere in google and the solution was to remove the drive letter. I found out the problem after looking at this example. Previously I assumed that it would copy the file from the source to the destination with the file name attached, which cause me to stress up for hours. The problem is probably this one told by the error message. Open the code and look for commands trying to read or save files. They are probably using an invalid path. Somewhere in your code you might have something like.

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    Runtime file name

    The majority of the time there is no problem. However every few days it will throw the error 52. When I log into the pc and hit debug and play it runs fine i. there is no issue with the file names and ntime error 52 bad file name or number when trying to open text file. fPath & Filename FileNum = FreeFile Open InputFile For Binary As # FileNum ' here user gets error 52. Can you please help me fix this problem. I found VBA code in a different post that was written for Excel and Access. I changed the path, the table name and the spreadsheet type but when I run the code I get Run- time error 52, Bad file name or number. Office VBA リファレンス VBA 言語リファレンス ファイル名または番号が正しく ありません ( エラー 52). ファイル名または番号が正しく.

    Microsoft Windows では、 ファイルおよびディレクトリに次の名前付け規則を使用します。 - ファイルおよび. ファイル名または番号が正しくありません。 Bad file name or number. / 07/ 19; 共同作成者. dotnet bot · olprod · Saisang Cai. この記事の内容. このエラーを解決 するには; 関連項目. 指定したファイルにアクセスしようとしているときにエラーが発生しま した. It can also be caused by a defective Microsoft Word application or registry problems. This error wil be typically displayed in your PC in the following format: » “ Runtime error 52: Bad File name or number. ” This tutorial will teach you how you can.