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It does not seem to matter whether its in the menu screen or playing a movie, it crashes with error CEThis never happens on my PS3 running. Hello, Plex on my PS4 keeps crashing. I can watch maybe 30 seconds at a time and then it crashes. It did this a couple days ago too but was fine yesterday. I' ve never had this issue before. I tried Googling but that was no me here, although it happens more consistently with certain shows. I have 32 seasons of survivor and if I go into season 32 the error kicks in without fail. Interestingly, when I browse the show via the TV menu it only shows. I use Plex on PS4 pretty regularly and do not have any crashes. can you turn on logging in the app which will. When that error shows up in games it usually requires a reloading of the newest firmware and the. This CEhappens once every few episodes. Always when I am in the menu.

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    I know this is a playstation related problem, but I don' t have any other games where this happens. Already tried reinstalling but the problem. Hi, I have a problem with my PS4 plex player. At least once every hour the app crashes with the error " CE". Solved: I' ve been getting this on NBA 2K14 since this evening. The game is completely unplayable. I know it' s happened with other games for people. I' m posting this separately from the other CEthread because my crash pattern is distinct and different. How could you be so ignorant of the fact that so many of your PS4 users are suffering from this error EVERY. I Have this error, there is no point in going into detail about it since its been posted a million times before. Why exactly do plex have a subscription based licence if they provide no support. The PS4 app has been crashing with error code: Crash CE. It doesn' t seem to happen all the time, but it happens quite a bit when it does start occurring.

    Media Player seems to work OK, but often gets desynced so I.