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The first request sends it as form data ( x- www- form- urlencoded) which is what your endpoint is expecting and the second request sends it as application/ json. The problem is that you used form- data as your input, you should use application/ json instead. however you can fix your project' s settings file to accept form- data too. You need to add FormParser to tail" : " JSON parse error - Expecting value: line 1 column 1 ( char 0) " }. ajax( { url: 168. 111: 8000/ api/ user/ forgot_ password/ ", type: " POST", data: JSON. stringify( { " email" :. Can you try to convert your JSON to string before posting - JSON. stringify( { " email" : " nikhil. In most cases your json. loads - JSONDecodeError: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 ( char 0) error is due to :. As such, if parsing fails despite having a data - body that looks JSON like at first glance, try replacing the quotes of.

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    Json parse error

    Those requests are sending data in two different ways. JSON string literals must use normal quote characters ( " ), not smart quotes ( “ ” ). は methods ではなくて method ですね。 次にbottleでは、 Jsonを自力でParseしなくて も request. json が使えますよ。. となります。 あと、 curlでPOSTするjsonデータは、 ユニコードエスケープして送る必要があるかも知れません。 ( 未確認). I am pretty sure that the problem is on the ajax configuration or on the javascript that creates the json data, because when I send a json through. 400: { " detail" : " JSON parse error - Expecting value: line 1 column 1 ( char 0) " }. I arrived at this post via Google for " " detail" : " JSON parse error - Expecting property name enclosed in double quotes: ". Turns out you CANNOT have a trailing comma in JSON, as I am accustomed to having in a Python. I am trying to send a JSON to my restapi, builded using Django Rest Framework and all I got an error message whenever I send this request,.