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( 0, ' dsfg' ) ; ERROR 1062: Duplicate entry ' 1' for. Duplicate entry ' 0' for key ' PRIMARY' exceptions in log. Duplicate entry ' 0' for key ' PRIMARY' com. An error occurred while trying stead the following error is logged for each node: Duplicate. SQLSTATE[ 23000] : Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ' nodenn' for key. When I want to import database, I get the next error: Error SQL query: Dumping data for table wp_ comments - - INSERT INTO wp_ comments ( comment_ ID, comment_ post_ ID, comment_ author,. PHP & Website Design Projects for $ 10 - $ 30. HI, Looking for joomla expert to fix the error in the site 1062 Duplicate entry ' 0' for key ' PRIMARY', freshers with good knowledge are welcome budget is fixed as 10 $. , if you agree then bid. I had plenty of these errors and eventually found a post on here, look at the sequence table, that is where the " next" available number is determined. Error: Duplicate entry ' ' for key ' PRIMARY'? Mysql ERRORduplicate entry for key 1 help please?

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    Entry duplicate error

    WordPress database error: [ Duplicate entry ‘ 0’ for key ‘ PRIMARY’ ] ini akan muncul ketika menambahkan entry, contohnya membuat postingan baru, user baru,. At first I thought this was just a damaged table, so I tried repairing via MySQL, but it appears there' s more fundamental issues. Which of the duplicates should I remove, and any further advice in. 1062 Duplicate Entry Error Fix Hosting Developers Templates Books Payment Marketing. 1062 - Duplicate entry ' 0' for key 1. Error Code: 1062. Duplicate entry ' 620' for key 1 0. Status Solved Priority Medium. The error the user is getting is DUPLICATE KEY exists. Moodle in English /. Backup and restore MySQL Error Duplicate entry ' 1' for key 1. Course bigger than 2M;. ( 1, ' backup_ sche_ modules', ' 0' ),. I have recently transferred one of my websites to a new server box.

    This is with the same hosting company though. My previous server was using an NT system and the upgraded one is using Windows Server. Hi, When i am inserting date in just created table it returns following error: Duplicate entry ' 1' for key 1. The primary key is set to auto_ increament. What could cause the problem and where. duplicate entry mysql problems - but there isnt a. Duplicate entry ' 127' for key 1. When you see the error message # 1062 - Duplicate entry ' ' for key. 1062 Duplicate entry but there are no duplicates? MySQL Duplicate Key Entry Error when there is not already an entry for this key. MYSQL Duplicate Entry on Key 1 ( of 2) Problem.

    the error message would have been more like: " Duplicate Entry ' 15- 1' for key 1",. the affected- rows value is 1 ( not 0). VALUES ( 1, 2, 3) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE c= 3. warning in the error log when using statement- based. 1062 - Duplicate entry ' entrar' for key 1. Error consulta SQL:. 0) ; # 1062 - Duplicate entry ' entrar' for key 1. ครั บพอรั นแล้ วมั นขึ ้ นมาเป็ นคำว่ า Error: Duplicate entry ' 0' for key 1. Duplicate entry ' 5' for key 1. Hello community, when ugrading Limesurvey from version 2. 06+ build 150729 to version 206+ build150911 I get this error message: CDbCommand konnte das. The data you are trying to insert is already present in the column primary key. The primary key column is unique and it will not accept the duplicate entry. Add UNIQUE index fails with duplicate entry error,.

    the data is in the table it fails with duplicate key error. NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, field_ e CHAR( 1). It turns out that Magento uses a primary key with value “ 0” in. 4 thoughts on “ How to fix “ Duplicate entry ‘ 1’ for key ‘ PRIMARY' ” in. Eh bien j' ai moi aussi eu un problème mais avec : Duplicate entry ' 0' for key 1. Au début j' avais ma colonne id telle que: IDpart INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY. Importing database: Duplicate entry ' X' for key ' PRIMARY' up vote 0 down vote. an uid field that auto- increments and is the primary key, but keep getting an error. RESOLVED: Error: # 1062 - Duplicate entry ' 1' for key 1. ` gid` tinyint( 3) unsigned NOT NULL default ' 0', PRIMARY KEY ( ` session_ id` ), KEY ` whosonline` ( ` guest. I have a problem on this error message,.

    Duplicate entry ' 1' for key ' PRIMARY'. Duplicate entry ' 0' for key ' PRIMARY'. Different ' duplicate key' error code between 5. 1 : Submitted: 1. for applications that used the old ER_ DUP_ ENTRY error code to detect duplicate key. Estava a tentar colocar um das minhas tabelas como primary key. Assim que tento aparece a mensagem: # 1062 - Duplicate entry for key ' PRIMARY' Os dados estão preenchidos e estão mais ou menos. Error " Duplicate entry. 00 sec) Query OK, 1 row affected ( 0. then I get the error # 1062 - Duplicate entry ' 1' for key 1. ERROR 1062: Duplicate entry ' 1' for key 1: d e l d h a n o a: 4 Oct • Re: ERROR 1062: Duplicate entry ' 1' for key 1: Martin Ramsch:. Page generated in 0.

    How to fix: MySQL Duplicate entry for key. the second row complain on ' duplicate key value 0' ;. I got a Duplicate entry for key ' PRIMARY' error blema: Duplicate entry ' 0' for key ' PRIMARY' This Topic. Cuando quiero modificar a Auto increment me da este error:. Help me with Duplicate entry ' 0' for key ' PRIMARY' error. Post by Oyabun1 » Fri Aug 22, 10: 26 am. I had this message on a page which I' d used the create dynamic form wizard on and was tearing my hair out. It was appearing the second time I created a. I moved my MYBB forum to a new server. I imported the DB with phpmyadmin but am getting an error when trying to post a new thread ( the forum displays. i import CSV to upload my products but PS warns me : Duplicate entry ' 0- 1' for key 1" test" ( ID 2) cannot be savedanyone have the same problem? Es un problema muy comúnen los iniciados: Estás intentando ingresar dos veces el mismo valor en un campo que está declarado como primary key, y eso es ilegal.