Runtime error 8002 invalid port

It works fine on the windows XP system. But when I run the sample project provided in the download on a Windows10 system I get error 8002, invalid port number, even though. The CommPort property sets which serial port to open. my error is 8002 : invalid port number – user19639 ' 13 at 7: 17. why should i write. running that code will give you a list of available com ports. use it in your code, and let your code select a com port from that list. share| improve this. how to solve Runtime error 3704 in visual basic 6. 0 · Visual is invalid port error which can occur at that time when User Windows operating system gets corrupted. When a number of applications run on their system, they can face many problems. During programs opening, it response. paste this in form' * * * * * * * * * Option Explicit Dim Portnumber As Integer Private Sub cmdClose_ Click( ) On Error GoTo handler MSComm1.

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    Invalid port runtime

    If you get error 8002 then the port probably doesn' t exist. Are you using an. PAA2 Run- time error 8002: Invalid port number. Posted by Rick Shao on 13 November 02: 53 AM. There are a couple of ways to fix this problem. Our first Solution is to alter the COM port that the USB to Serial Adapter is designated,. Error 8002: INVALID PORT. System Specific: MPOS Version 4, 5, 6, 7. Resolution: You have specified to open a serial cash drawer using the port settings in the setup wizard. The port can not be opened or it is invalid.

    Enter the setup wizard and. If there are complications when hooking up your Radar Recorder and adding it as a device in Windows, you may receive either the Run Time Error 8002 “ Invalid Port Number” or 8020 “ Error reading com device” when trying to connect to it in. lightorama 64 channels. Thank you for posting on the forum. Is this happening when you' re just a specific program or any program? The error message that you' re getting means “ comPortInvalid 8002 Invalid Port number”. This video was made for discovering the com port of one of our products but it actually works for discovering the com port or any device. - - - Subscribe to ou.